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Contact Us

We believe that for our product to be useful for families, it must be simple to use. To that end we have made My Kids Browser very simple to install and use. If, however, you have any questions about our product, we invite you to contact us and ask! One of our kind representatives will be more than willing to assist you with your needs.

Our preferred method of contact is through email. Here is some information on how you may contact us.


822 South Slate Canyon Dr
Provo, UT 84606

The goal of this software is to give your children good, wholesome access to the internet. The internet is like anything else. It is an effective tool if used correctly but dangerous if taken for granted. If you have any questions about the installation of this program, its use, or its subscription, then please feel free to drop us an email and we will be happy to assist you in anyway possible.

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