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Reseller Program

We invite you to become a reseller for My Kids Browser. We offer a couple of ways that you may resell our product. Choose one that best suits your needs.

  • First, you may purchase My Kids Browser in bulk (to get the discounts) and become a physical reseller of our product. You may do this by having a physical retail store, from door-to-door sales, fund-raiser programs, etc. You can make very generous profits while knowing that you are helping families protect their children from pornography, predators, and other Internet dangers. Click here to get the bulk order discounts.

  • If you prefer to do affiliate work, you may stick a button or text ad on your website. Whenever someone purchases a product from that arrived here from your website, you can earn a nice commission. This is the simplest way of reselling the product. You will need to contact us to get an account created and we will give you the button or text link you will need to place on your website. Here are some examples of affiliate buttons that can be placed on your website.

It takes hard work to make money on the Internet. With dedication, however, you can make a bundle. By selling the My Kids Browser you will not only make money, but you can make a difference as well.

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