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What people are saying about My Kids Browser:

“I can let my kids use the Internet while I’m cleaning the house and I don’t have to worry about them accidentally stumbling on pornographic websites. I can’t believe how much my kids love this browser!

-Rebecca H. (AZ)

”I love how I can set time limits on how long my kids are on the Internet! This is truely a mother’s dream come true!”

-Sherika T. (Kaysville, UT)

“My husband wouldn’t let the grandkids use the computer before we purchased My Kids Browser. Now I can let my grandkids use the computer without worrying about them opening my programs, moving icons around, or anything else!

-Jo Ann A. (Arbon, ID)

“I was amazed at how user-friendly the My Kids browser is. I am so thankful that this program is simple enough that even I can use it to protect my family!”

-Susan O (Shelley, ID)

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